Se prepara un nuevo parche para el Notruf 112, que actualmente se encuentra en el canal beta de actualizaciones, y del que os hablamos hace unos días. Si los comentarios son positivos estará disponible para el resto de usuarios a partir del lunes.

Las correcciones que se han realizado en este parche son las siguientes.

  • Failed missions can be repeated directly
  • Lighting bugs at and in buildings have been fixed, ambient occlusion reworked
  • Shadow options didn’t work on all lights
  • Mission report is shown correctly again
  • AI now checks the application engineering on feasibility which lead to deadlocks before
  • More hydrants added in the city and suburban
  • DLK bug solved, can’t be driven any more with extended shoring and/or basket not in start position
  • Fire appearance bug solved that created white outlines especially at inside fires
  • Unnecessary textures removed
  • The black ELW hast been relocated
  • AI now gets reset on a valid navigation mesh position if it leaves the correct area
  • Graphic quality options were switched (“Good” to “Beautiful” were adjusted)
  • More possibilities for missions in the suburban added
  • All members of the emergency team get relocated to the start position after a reset
  • Missing roads added to the navigation system
  • Savegames were read from the wrong folder, steam cloud saving is now again possible
  • Bottlenecks in the navigations system (doors!) have been widened to decrease the chance of AI getting stuck
  • Sound objects for the fire have been corrected
  • Static level objects have been optimized

Si deseáis probar durante el fin de semana este parche podéis hacerlo ingresando al canal beta como os explicábamos en este artículo.