El equipo de Sixteen Tons Entertaiment continua corrigiendo errores en los Emergency 5, 2016, 2017 y Emergency 20. Hace unos días han liberado el último parche que corresponde a la versión 4.1.0.

Este parche incorpora las siguientes correcciones:


    • Hamburg flood, one car would sometimes not spawn after repeating the mission
  • EMERGENCY 2016
    • Supermarket robbery, the robbers now take much longer to escape
    • Tornado, fixed the collision of a fence
    • Train Crash, fixed that one person could be placed inside a train after being freed
    • Fixed the door of a taxi in the mass collision event
    • Tires will now always be towed with cars in the mass collision event
    • Nuclear disaster, evacuation vehicle now always has just 6 seats
  • Improved visualization of towing rotated cars
  • Improved behaviour of the weather when repeating missions
  • The rescue dog team now no longer can be unresponsive after getting into and out of their car
  • The supervisor will stop giving tips after the mission has already failed
  • Command icons in the help screen will now properly switch when switching between units pages
  • A purely decorative pier in Munich can no longer be used to get units onto the water
  • Fixed a rare instance where firemen ran to the edge of the map, when ordered to cut open a vehicle


  • Improved performance for clients


  • Added new functions to the video player


  • Improved synchronization with the WORLD of EMERGENCY accounts for achievements earned on Steam


  • Expanded Code to make modding for multiplayer easier and added a sample plugin to the SDK
  • „Custom“ light animations now properly use animation speeds
  • Animations for vehicles are now moddable (turntable ladder, heavy tow truck, tow truck, motor boat transport)

Los usuarios que dispongan la versión digital de alguna de estos juegos, la actualización se instalará de forma automática a través de la plataforma Steam. Por otro lado, los que dispongan de la versión física del juego deberán descargarlo desde la página oficial del juego.