Hace unos días recibía un nuevo parche el juego Police Tactics: Imperio que corregían diversos fallos.

Como se puede comprobar a continuación se trata de un parche menor que corrige una serie de bugs del juego y que os mostramos seguidamente:

  • Roadblocks will not be saved.
  • Pause screen / save menu issue.
  • Dollar symbol is shown instead of euro.
  • Normal textures start to pop up in strategic view.
  • [Mission 27 + 28] Stretched mission icon.
  • (Almost) no parking spots for the speed camera van in Districts 5 and 6.
  • Different fill levels of the health bar for the same employee.
  • Daily statistics can pop up during missions which can be annoying.
  • Helicopter landing icon stays visible after going to the main menu and back or selecting another unit.
  • Helicopter landing icon disappears after moving the mouse cursor off the map.
  • When loading a savegame with a helicopter in-air the rotor blades do not spin.

And we also fixed one very annoying blocker you were waiting for:

  • The max officer count does not increase by unlocking room upgrades!

Este parche se instala de forma automática a través del cliente de la plataforma Steam.