Ayer conocíamos la salida del primer contenido extra del Notruf 112, pero a la vez el juego recibió una actualización importante para todos los usuarios, ya que en los últimos meses únicamente han recibido actualizaciones los usuarios suscritos a la beta del juego.

Entre las novedades importantes de este último parche se encuentra el modo multijugador, aunque cabe destacar que este se encuentra aún en fase de pruebas. Otra de las novedades de las que llevan algunos meses disfrutando los usuarios suscritos a la beta es de los cambios climáticos dentro del juego.

El parche incluye multitud de correcciones y optimizaciones del juego que a continuación pasamos a detallar:

  • Added fog and rain to the new weather system and adjusted reflectivity
  • NPC texture bugs fixed
  • Newer version of PostFX implemented
  • Reworked physic settings for better performance
  • Merged building elements to reduce DrawCalls / Batching
  • Vehicle lights turn on at low ambient light level now
  • Optimized TL controls (AI and player) and fixed a bug when switching to /
    from TL crane operator
  • Multiplayer: Synchronized lights and signals of vehicles (work in
  • Multiplayer: Player name displayed above the controlled character
  • Dynamic weather and rain are now disabled by default, because there seem to be a problems on certain systems. You can change the settings in the main menu now. If the dynamic weather is disabled, you can toggle between different settings in the game by pressing Ctrl+End.
  • fixed the bug where characters became invisible when switching roles and/or camera perspective while riding a vehicle.
  • fixed enviroment light calculation for vehicles
  • Game can be paused now (Pause) and will be automatically paused, when a menu opens
  • Screenshots (F12) are saved in «documents/Notruf112/Screenshots», F10/F11 changes screenshot resolution
  • Missions won’t be generated during joy rides
  • Missions will only be generated, when status is set to «Ready to respond in station» or «Ready to respond via radio»
  • Ingame time display now matches the day/night cycle
  • Optimization: Activated GPU Instancing for dynamic level objects
  • Optimization: Setting for texture quality now also effects the size of loaded textures
  • Optimization: Added rain effects and quality settings for the weather system
  • Optimization: Removed unnecessary RigidBodies and collider
  • Optimization: Occlusion Culling & LOD of light sources
  • Optimization: Reworked Occlusion Culling of buildings
  • Game will now pause, if the application lost it’s focus
  • Looking/Aiming has been reworked without the use of IK
  • Added missing mission texts
  • Changed task list display
  • Optimized navigation area during missions
  • Adjusted range of vision
  • New graphical terrain settings
  • Added UI scaling to game settings, still configurable ingame with
  • Added automatic game pause, when changing tasks, as choice to game
  • Added customizer to swap vehicle textures
  • Reworked fire extinguishing: Some sources of fire need more time for the
    fire to be put out
  • Alarm lights at the station will be activated correctly when starting a
  • Roads are cordoned off nearer to the scene
  • Added first Steam achievements
  • Optimized settings of fires in supermarket
  • Changed sounds of smoke alarm
  • Replaced static trees to optimize performance
  • Added parameter to gameconfig which sets mission frequency
  • Reworked indoor fire extinguishing
  • Bug fixed: Invisible persons in vehicles
  • Bug fixed: Disappearing target marker at deployment journey
  • Bug fixed: Wrong path calculation if a character was not correctly placed in the navigation area
  • Bug fixed: Hose of the TL disconnects not until the crane is back in basic position
  • Bug fixed: Wrong orientation calculation of characters in the TL basket
  • Bug fixed: Improper starting of new games after loading a savegame
  • Bug fixed: Incorrect graphics in and around the fire station
  • Bug fixed: Using some resolutions resulted in missing Ok/Cancel Buttons of the fire configuration, «Escape» can also be used to quit now
  • Bug fixed: You were able to store items from the «wrong» side of the vehicle
  • Bug fixed: Starting position CV
  • Bug fixed: TL basket didn’t always connect to ground
  • Bug fixed: Wrong placement of the position marker
  • Bug fixed: Rotating AI traffic
  • Bug fixed: Invalid path calculation created paths leading through
  • Bug fixed: Hose reels couldn’t be moved farther after leaving the ingame
  • Bug fixed: Missing items at the hose reel
  • Bug fixed: Defective navigation range at the rear of the station
  • Bug fixed: Blocked path finding at gate with integrated door
  • Bug fixed: Static steering wheel WT
  • Bug fixed: UI scaling wasn’t saved, when set via keyboard
  • Bug fixed: Blocked path finding at doors during missions
  • Bug fixed: Water connection was not completed when TL secured
  • Bug fixed: Resetting items and hose at TL works properly now
  • Bug fixed: Buildings were reintegrated
  • Bug fixed: Crane display shows the correct angles
  • Bug fixed: CV driver window uses right texture
  • Bug fixed: Vehicles won’t change the roadsides anymore
  • Bug fixed: Crash while pathfinding
  • Bug fixed: Hose cage could be opened while carried
  • Bug fixed: Items could be placed where AI could not reach them
  • Bug fixed: AI could sometimes not enter flats
  • Bug fixed: Cockpit GPS was not active in some vehicles

Como habréis comprobado son numerosas las correcciones que han aplicado en este último parche para que este simulador cumpla las características que el juego iba a tener para su lanzamiento y que se vieron recortadas fechas antes de su salida.

El juego empieza a parecerse a lo que tendría que haber sido desde un principio, pero desde luego todavía le faltan muchas cosas por pulir para que podamos realizar una partida placentera sin encontrarnos algún fallo que nos haga tener que abandonar la misma.